Florida Real Estate Broker's Guide - 72 Hours

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Live streaming course – Simply log in and view the class live from any location. You may participate with the instructor and other students, just like in the classroom! Course exam is included and available online upon the class completion.

Textbook – This edition provides you with the latest developments in Florida real estate brokerage. The end-of- course practice exams will help you test your knowledge and reinforce important concepts.

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  1. Scheduled class dates. Completion in a fixed timeline.
  2. Learn with a live instructor.
  3. Interact with an instructor who can answer questions immediately.
  4. One on One Q&A 


Florida Real Estate Broker’s Guide is your complete source for broker prelicense education and, conforms to the Florida Real Estate Broker Course Syllabus effective January 1, 2017. 


Part I – Getting Started in the Real Estate Brokerage Business
Chapter 1 Becoming A Licensed Real Estate Broker
Chapter 2 Opening a Real Estate Office
Chapter 3 Owning, Managing and Supervising a Real Estate Office
Chapter 4 Escrow Management
Chapter 5 Office Inspections and the Disciplinary Process

Part II – Valuing Real Property
Chapter 6 Overview of Real Estate Valuation
Chapter 7 Sales Comparison, Cost-Depreciation and Income Approaches
Chapter 8 Comparative Market Analysis
Chapter 9 Basic Business Appraisal

Part III – Listing and Selling Real Property
Chapter 10 Brokerage Relationships
Chapter 11 Contracts
Chapter 12 Financing Real Estate
Chapter 13 Closing Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 14 Federal Income Tax Laws Affecting Real Estate

Part IV – Specialties
Chapter 15 Investment Real Estate
Chapter 16 Zoning and Planning, Subdividing of Land, and Special Issues
Chapter 17 Environmental Concerns Affecting Real Estate Transactions
Chapter 18 Property Management

3 Hour Timed Exam, 100 Questions Multiple Choice, 70% or Better to Pass

Course Exam Information
Answer Each Question In Order
You cannot close out or use the back or previous button. If you exit the exam before you have a passing score, or fail the exam, you must wait thirty days before you can attempt it again.

30 Day Retake
Per Florida Administrative Code, students who do not pass the end-of-course exam are eligible for one additional exam attempt. Students must wait 30 days from the date of the original exam to retest. The second attempt must occur within one year of the date of the original exam. Otherwise, students failing the end-of-course exam must repeat the course prior to being eligible to take the end-of-course exam again.

Closed Final Exam
AFTER submitting the final exam for grading, it is not possible for a student to go back and read the questions or see their answers. This is the case whether a student has passed the exam or otherwise.

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