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30 Minutes That Could Save Your Life OnDemand course v1.0

As a real estate professional, you are at risk every day. Your simple habits, fixed routines, and trusting attitude could make you an easy mark for people with bad intentions. This presentation will illuminate your world and heighten your awareness. You’ll learn where real estate professionals’ biggest vulnerabilities exist and how to thwart them. Trusting your own intuition is a good start, but attending this seminar is crucial to gaining new skills and practical tools to safeguard yourself and your clients from impending dangers.

Carol Martinson shares her vast experience, knowledge, and practical applications. She will show you simple and essential strategies to create and sustain a safer environment for you and your clients.

Five Ways to use Cutting Edge Trends to Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales OnDemand course v1.0

Explore different types of homebuyers, the channels they are using to search, and how you can tailor your marketing to target these channels. Join Dan Gerlock, co-founder and CEO of Realty Connection, as he presents Five Ways to Use Cutting Edge Trends to Build Your Brand and Increase Your Sales. Dan will also help you to uncover the most highly sought after qualities in an agent, as well as opportunities agents should consider when looking for a sponsoring broker. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned agent, you will leave with new strategies that can be immediately implemented in your business.

Four MUST DO Steps to Keep You and Your Clients Out of Trouble When a Mortgage is Involved OnDemand Course v1.0

Join Jerry Anderson for this RealXperts webinar, Four Must Do Steps to Keep You and Your Clients Out of Trouble When a Mortgage is Involved. Jerry will review four critical steps to achieve a successful closing. From before an offer is written thru the closing, Jerry has important advice for dealing with lenders, personal property, multiple offers, and contingencies that may delay the closing. You’ll be sure to learn something new and have a chance to ask questions of an expert with years of experience.

Hire and Train the Perfect Real Estate Assistant OnDemand Course v1.0

Join Monica Reynolds for this free webinar and learn how she used her “secret weapon” to take her real estate business to the next level. From recruiting through training, she’ll share how you can enable a real estate assistant to multiply your success.

Negotiating: Difficult People and Tough Situations OnDemand Course v1.0

Join Tim Burrell for a RealXperts webinar, detailing six distinct steps to successfully move through challenging negotiations, complete with real life examples from personal experience.

Screen-to-Screen Selling: Improve Profit Margins, Boost Productivity, and Customize Conversations OnDemand course v1.0

As a real estate professional, you’re on-the-go and need to make the most of your time. Learn how you can develop a high level of trust through remote communication. You’ll learn how to choose and utilize the appropriate technology to visually demonstrate value that only you can provide – in a way that makes you stand out from the competition. You’ll discover how to conduct meetings, train employees, coach teams, and give presentations that captivate audiences and seal the deal! Join Doug Devitre as he shares his vast experience, knowledge, and practical applications for communicating in our virtual world. He will also show you effective and practical ways to communicate and build trust with your clients so you can close more sales.

The Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make and How to Fix Them OnDemand Course v1.0

Join Steve Strickholm for this RealXperts webinar, The Biggest Mistakes Coaches Make and How to Fix Them. If you manage agents, your primary job as a coach is to get them to do what the other 87% are not doing to achieve their income goals. Steve will review the top mistakes coaches make as they develop new agents and share how hundreds of managers use his system as a prescription for success.

TILA-RESPA: The Most Important Changes Affecting You OnDemand course v1.0

On October 3, 2015, the entire world of real estate closings was turned upside down. The Good Faith Estimate (GFE), Housing and Urban Development (HUD-1), and Truth-in-Lending forms will no longer be used in most residential mortgage closings. Join expert Jerry Anderson, with over 20 years of industry experience, as he tells you how the new TILA-RESPA changes will immediately and profoundly affect you, your clients, and your closings.

In this value-packed presentation, you will learn about the new forms, rules governing your conduct, and the potential delays this could cause your clients. You will not want to miss this.